10 Copyright Free Image Sites for your Home Staging Blogs

When you are writing your real estate and home staging blogs it can be a trick to determine which images you can use and which ones you cannot. In general, all images inherently are copyrighted. There are, however, sites that provide permission to use their images for your blogs and websites.

10 websites that allow Creative Commons license usage

copyright free images for home staging and real estate blogsBefore you use them, you should learn more about the creative commons license. In general, however, a creative commons license has the photo owner allow, in advance, the use of their work so long as appropriate credit is given. This is a good way for a photographer to put their work out there to the public. Believe it or not, there are sites out there that allow contributors to post their photos providing these rights to the you, the general public.

  1. FreePixels.com – This site allows you to choose from multiple categories and subcategories of copyright free use.
  2. Freedigitalphotos.net – This is  a great site if you are looking for professional photos of people, or power point type images.
  3. Photopin.com – This is a site that helps you easily search through creative commons license photos from sites like flickr. Do a simple search for terms like “home staging” or “real estate” and you’ll get great photos that fit your needs.
  4. Flickr.com – Of course you can always go directly to flickr and selecting their advanced search options to find creative common license photos.
  5. Wikimedia Commons – Don’t you just love anything that begins with wiki?
  6. Image After – a collection of digital images that you can use for personal or commercial use
  7. Free historical stock images – Writing a blog that has some historical significance or reference? Here is where you can find photos that you are able to use royalty free.
  8. MorgueFile.com – While this sounds morbid, there are some beautiful images available here. All of the images here are royalty free and have a creative commons license for use in your home staging and real estate blogs.
  9. Picfindr.com – This site helps you locate royalty free photos by searching by your keywords and phrases.
  10. Government sites – Unless otherwise specified, all government website photos are authorized as “public use” photos and are able to be used in your blogs and websites.

This list of 10 copyright free image sources was compiled by Elias Nathaniel and listed in the Real Estate Community on Google Plus. Please come join us to help grow your real estate and home staging business.

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