Zero Cost Redesign Sings With Anthea Click

Zero Cost Redesign Sings With Anthea Click

The pictures tell the story: Anthea Click Redesign Training

Before Redesign

A retiring couple sell their home that has not been updated, nor needed to be. For them. They have lived in the home for years, probably generations, and have cherished collections (the teacups), and family heirlooms (quilt on the wall.) Yet how appealing is that to the target buyer – a young couple with or without kids yet – a first time home buyer not at all sure how much work is involved in making a house a home.

Enter superstar stager, Anthea Click. And her spectacular redesign that involved no cost for the homeowner beyond time. They simply purged and re-arranged what was already there. With the greatest respect and a gentle but firm hand, Anthea’s team packed up the tea cups and revealed the charming bones of this very spacious living room. A zero cost redesign with impressive results!

Zero Cost Redesign With Anthea Click

Zero Cost Redesign with Anthea Click

After Redesign

The home staging lesson is simple, yet dramatic:

It’s not how YOU live in the home that matters when you go to sell it; it’s how a buyer can see THEMSELVES living in it that is the only relevant factor.

Home Stager TrainingYou could spend a day with Anthea Click of Inside Nashville Homes if you wanted, via our Home Stager Training programs.

Thank you for reading… Zero Cost Redesign Sings With Anthea Click

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