Writing a Home Staging Newsletter? What time should it go out?

Do you already write a home staging newsletter, or are you thinking about starting a newsletter campaign? Wouldn’t it be great to know when exactly is the best time to send it to maximize your marketing efforts? In this great infographic by Kissmetrics, we can get an idea of exactly when you may see the best results.

Data courtesy of Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella), Pure360 (@pure360) and HubSpot. Content available as a webinar by Dan Zarrella here.

So, what are some takeaways that may apply to your home staging business?

  • Don’t send more than one email a week.
  • Emails sent between 10pm and 6am are dead on arrival.
  • 6am – 10am is the second highest open rate timing.
  • 10am – noon, emails are not being opened, rather customers are trying to get work done.
  • 3pm – 5pm people spend time looking at emails relating to property and financial services. If you are targeting home owners, this may be a great time to get your emails out to them.
  • Bounce rates are highest during the weekends. Consider sending your emails out during the work week.

Has this helped you figure out when your home staging email marketing campaign may be the most effective?

Melissa Marro

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Melissa Marro is an international award winning home stager and professional speaker for the home staging and real estate industry. Founder and CEO for both SAR, Staging and Redesign Training and MRRE, Market Ready Real Estate's online home staging consultation program, Marro continues to help inspire and empower new and existing stagers as well as move the industry standards forward.

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