World Golf Village, Isles of the World Courtyard and Pool

World Golf Village, Isles of the World Courtyard and Pool

Inspiration and lifestyle is what we create as professional home stagers. This week, I was staging at World Golf Village’s Isles of the World, right here in St Augustine, FL. It was a seldom opportunity that we actually were able to stage full courtyards in Charleston, SC, so new furniture had to be ordered and put into inventory.

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Selecting home staging inventory for a pool and courtyard

I love this patio set so much, I am thinking about ordering it for my backyard deck. Since I had to order new furniture, I had to not only decide what would work best in this space, but what would also make great inventory pieces.

While I had considered ordering lounge chairs, or a couple of love seats, or a combination of the two, this round set was perfect to allow a large amount of seating while not taking up a ton of space. When determining what to order for home staging inventory, I also wanted to think of other spaces that I might have to stage later. Because you could break this apart to smaller sections, with or without a table, it made sense as part of home staging inventory.

Home staging includes color flow inside and outside of the home

The view from the inside of the home was important as well. Keeping the coastal Florida theme inside and out was our goal. You’ll notice that our color palette remained consistent both inside and outside of the home.  The butter yellows, which began as part of the architectural features, carried through in throw pillows, lamps, artwork, and accessories. We also carried the blue from the private pool and added soft summer greens to round out our home staging palette.

isles of the world

Keeping the home staging inventory working

At the end of each staging job, we provide home staging photos for our customers. We also make it a point to put them on various points throughout the web. This helps keep our home staging inventory working for us, not only directly in the homes, but forever on the internet. Creating a stellar portfolio gets us more customers. It also helps potential customers understand our home staging design aesthetic.

Of course, going back to the actual inventory, white sofas are inspiring and can be used in nearly every type of home aesthetic. Keeping large furniture pieces neutral helps to maximize your future home staging inventory usage.

Now the trick is to remember that when this home sells, I don’t get to keep the gorgeous round deck furniture (no matter how much I want it). I have to admit that it would look pretty fabulous in my own back yard though.

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Thank you for reading… World Golf Village, Isles of the World Courtyard and Pool

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