What Style are You?

Proper lighting is crucial to creating a complete look to a space, no matter what the function.  Lighting can be used to emphasize and enhance a feature or you can dramatize or minimize the furnishings, as you can with colour and pattern.

So when it comes to lighting  for your space what style are you?

Colonial: is a simple uncomplicated style, also known as early American.  Features include hurricane shades that resemble oil lamps, and emphasis on polished and antique brass elements

Crystal lightingCrystal: is a popular formal design made with fine cut and polished lead crystals.  This type of fixture is unequaled for sparkle and brilliance.

Transititional: represents a clever mix of traditional and contemporary styles and is designed to fit into either decor.  Fixtures  utilize beveled glass as a key element

Neoclassical: is a formal yet simple style that deftly balances intricate architecture interest with a minimum of elements.

Victorian: is a popular period style from the latter part of the 19th century.  It is characterized by elaborately ornate detailing in the arms and columns.  The shades are usually stained etched glass and “tulip” shaped.

Eurostyle: is a sleek, clean linear look with brightly coloured finishes and metals, like chrome, pewter and brass





Kym Tarr

About Kym Tarr

Kym a native of Great Britain (only without the accent) possesses a realistic and practical approach to helping sellers prepare their home for sale. Her philosophy for Home Staging is quite simple; to reinvent space for her clients by mixing styles, textures and finishes that help maximize the selling price of their homes. Incorporating either existing pieces or new additions, she is an expert at transforming everyday houses into eye catching, polished homes that capture the hearts of potential buyers! Kym is a syndicated columnist. Many of her articles on Home Décor or Home Staging have also been published locally in Okanagan Woman Magazine and Madeline Magazine. She is both an Interior Decorator & Professional Real Estate Stager as well as an Instructor & Mentor for SAR Staging & Redesign Training.

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