What are closing costs when buying a home in Florida?

What are closing costs when buying a home in Florida?

Thinking about buying a new home in Florida but don’t know what the  closing costs will be. Perhaps a local builder is offering to pay for customary closing costs if you use their lending company. Below is a list of common and customary closing costs for buying a home in Florida.

  • Stamps on mortgage: $.04 per $100 (total mtg amount)
  • Intangible tax: $.002 per $100 (total mtg amount)
  • Title Company fees:  $200 – $500 (includes various endorsements)
  • Mortgage Company fees: This varies from lender to lender (0% – 1% of mtg amount)
  • Future Escrow Reserves: Your lender may require you to escrow future insurance and tax payments. Escrow reserves may be 3, 6, or 9+ months, depending on mortgage company policies.
  • 1st Years Home Owner Insurance: varies based on many factors. Consult with your insurance professional.
  • Lender’s Title insurance policy: $350 – $1000
  • Monthly Maintenance Fees: Will be prorated for the month
  • Survey:  $300 – $400
  • Funding Fees: VA, FHA, or USDA loans all may have funding fees required to set up your loan

Other possible Florida closing costs:

(Depending on lender, payment of these may be required prior to closing, or included as closing costs.)

  • Home Inspection:  This will usually run between $200-$500. It is recommended that even when buying new construction that you have a home inspection.
  • Appraisal: Typically runs between $300 – $500
  • HOA or CDD Fees. Depending on if these are paid monthly or annually, in advance or arrears, this may be included on the HUD1 settlement statement at closing.
 Watch this video to learn more about closing costs in Florida, and what to watch out for.
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