Thinking about starting a home staging blog? What you need to know…

You might think writing a home staging blog is easy. I mean, what does it really take to write a blog anyway? I remember writing my first blog on I sat and thought, “Who is even going to read this?” Now, I’ve written hundreds of blogs and really enjoy it (and it is still kind of fascinating that people actually do read and care about what I write).

Blogging can be great for SEO purposes, as it gives you an opportunity to add a constant stream of new material to your website. It can also be good for your reputation. Letting your readers (and potential customers) know that you really do know something about your profession. Still, coming up with new content and understanding how all the pieces fit together can be tricky.

I loved this infographic when I saw it: (yeah, there’s more blogging below it, I promise)

So, now have you picked yourself up from the floor? Take a moment to stop laughing… really, reading will help get rid of that stitch in your side.

All of the points listed on here are really good ones. My personal favorites are mashed up names, and the entire SEO section. (Yeah, meta screws me up too!) Speaking of mashed up names, there is a way to make this work for you. The group IRIS (Interior Redesign Industry Specialists) had a domain of Now how do you read that? Well, the entire time that I was a member I thought it was “We’re Design”.  Silly me, it was “We Redesign”. Either way, it did kind of work in their favor. Although, I guess not that big a favor since they aren’t around any longer.

Basically what this infographic says to me is that blogging is a lot of hard work. It’s more, or at least it should be more, than just typing a few lines. Sure, it’s OK to have fluff now and again. But if you really want people to visit your blog and gain followers, you are going to have to have some content too. You will have to have a blog name that’s not confusing and you’ll have to figure out how you are going to get it out there.

So, if you are thinking about starting a home staging blog… or really any blog, you’ve got some planning to do first…

What? You want to know what to write about now too? Ok, a little ditty on content. Yes, there are some cool infographics there too…. How to make a successful business: Content Marketing.


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