They Only Marry Ugly Girls in This Town…

That is basically what people are saying when they

tell me when their market doesn’t require the

services of a stager.

In a town full of ugly girls, what happens when a pretty gal shows up in the neighborhood?

In a location that doesn’t use real estate staging, this proven marketing technique becomes even MORE effective! The pretty gal has no other lovely ladies to compete with.

So, if one is not utilizing the skillset of a professional stager, simply because no one else has in one’s market, perhaps one’s logic is in need of re-evaluation.

All those unattractive listings will only help sell your staged listing faster, without the disappointing price reductions.

Call a local professional stager and make a lunch appointment TODAY!

Michelle Molinari

(337) 652-3983

Co-Owner, Feature This… Real Estate Staging,

Certified Property Consultant (CPC)

SAR Staging Instructor, Staging and Redesign,

Lead Conceptual Designer,

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