ROCKSTAR HOMES, setting the STAGE for lifestyle merchandising

As a professional home stager, my job is to focus on creating a lifestyle for buyers.  We want to set the stage to imagine what their life could be in their new home.  Typically we do this through careful consideration of each and every item that goes into a home.  We’ve already carefully calculated who the buyer is likely to be and have chosen furniture, artwork, linens, and accessories to speak to them.  Still, knowing what we do, I was amazed to see this careful attention to lifestyle taken one step further by a new real estate company in Canada – Rockstar Homes.

I don’t know if this type of merchandising play out for everyone, but compared to the typical boring videos we see, it certainly is interesting and eye catching.  I love how all the features and benefits are showcased in absolutely their best possible light.  If you are in the buyer demographic of this home, would this video appeal to you?  Would it make you want to see this home and possibly buy it?

Incidentally, you can compare the typical boring real estate video of the same house to this modern take on lifestyle selling.

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