Realtor Meets Stager a Web Training Series

Tori Toth, of Stylish Stagers, INC, has joined with Erica Rose Siegel for a new web training series, Realtor Meets Stager.  In this series, they will discuss and debunk many of today’s misconceptions about real estate and home staging.

Some of their topics include:

  • Why complicate the buying process by getting another Realtor involved?
  • Why waste time getting pre-approved when you haven’t even found the home?
  • Why throw money away on staging a vacant home?
  • Why should I take my pets out of my home for an open house?

Stay tuned for what is sure to be an educational and entertaining web training series.

Be sure to check out the latest episodes:


Realtor Meets Stager, Episode 2, Vacant Home Staging

Episode 3, Realtor Meets Stager, Expired listings part 1

Episode 4, Realtor Meets Stager, Expired listings part 2

Realtor Meets Stager, Episode 5: Why you should have an exclusive buyer’s agent



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