Phooey on the Hooey Part 1 – Paint Sheen Level on Walls

Sheen level refers to the degree of shininess that a paint takes on when dry.

The right sheen level has been customarily decided on based on four factors:

  1. The purpose of the room
  2. The preference of the painter
  3.  The condition of the walls.
  4.  The price of the paint

   I say PHOOEY on all four. 

The walls of your home should look as fabulous and well-maintained as possible to create as much perceived value as you can. This means creamy and free of blemishes. Walls that show damage and wear make your house look cheaply made and shoddily painted. Savvy renovating means knowing where to splurge and knowing where to save. The smart choice is the one that, for a only few bucks more per can, will increase the perceived value of your entire home, increasing it’s resale value.

One should endeavor to buy the paint that works the hardest for one’s investment of time and money.

There is only ONE sheen level that will do this for the walls.

Before I reveal this design secret, let’s talk about your face, (or your wife’s face if applicable).

Have you ever had or seen a greasy or sweaty face? Does it turn you on when you do? I didn’t think so. When skin is sweaty or greasy, you can see every pore, bump, pimple, and hair, because they shine in the light. They also reveal a shadow near the blemish, heightening this crater effect. Shine makes things stand out and come toward.


When make-up is applied to the face, the goal is to minimize flaws and add shine to key areas, such as the lips and eyes. This makes the most of the assets of the face. Women powder-down the face to detract attention to the flaws. They add irridescence to eyes and gloss to lips. The skin becomes a smooth, shadow & shine reduced backdrop so these other features can take center stage.

In one’s home, shiny walls come toward, visually shrinking the space. They distract from other elements of the room, such as gleaming granite,hardwood floors and wonderful light fixtures. One would never see diamonds displayed on aluminum foil in a jewelry store. The fathomless velvety backdrops serve a definite purpose of making the diamonds sparkle and dance.

The only sheen level that works 100% of the time is a flat or matte sheen. Back in the day, flat paint was the least expensive and least washable. Today, matte paint is equally as washable, and in some of the better brands, it is actually THE MOST cleanable, touting the ability to actually be “scrubbable.”



Implementing this sheen level on walls throughout the home, even in bathrooms and kitchens, is the best way to make your home look bigger, more well-built, and showcase your other design choices and furnishings.

Semi-Gloss vs. Mattes

Some people just don’t like the look of flat paint. People can paint their walls any way they want, but when selling, always make the choice that pays.

~Michele Molinari


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