Tips on creating an organized home with Alejandro Costello & HGTV Clean Freaks

Having a beautifully organized home is becoming a popular home trend. It’s not enough for rooms that guests see to appear well designed and attractive, now we want spaces that are functional, beautiful and well organized. With such busy lives, productivity is a huge buzz word, even at home. Having a well organized home will provide just that.

HGTV’s Clean Freaks showcase one of the nation’s top home organizers – inside her home! Alejandro Costello shows off her favorite home organization tips, tools and practices.

Pantry Tips:

  • Use lazy-susans to store vinegar, oils, condiments, spices, etc
  • Use tiered shelves for canned goods
  • Dry goods should be stored in air tight containers
  • Use wipe board or chalk board stickers to clearly note what what items are stored
  • Use drawers for small items that aren’t easily contained on shelves (like pasta, nuts, chocolate chips)

Kitchen Cabinets:

  • Add a drawer divider to keep your silverware organizer from sliding back
  • Use double shelves to store more plates and bowls
  • Use sheet metal inside your cabinets for photos and notes – it keeps things clutter free
  • Store baking pans with vertical shelf dividers
  • Use lazy-susan to help organize your corner shelves

Organize your craft room & home office:

  • Peg boards are an efficient and cost effective way to organize
  • Consider using different color file folders for different types of documents to find & sort them easily
  • Use a vertical organizer to store gift wrap to keep them in good condition & easy to find
  • Sort small items in poly envelopes & hang using binder rings from the end of your shelves to keep them handy
  • Checklists and rewards can help you stay focused & organized
  • Use small trays in drawers to keep organized
  • Use one in one out rule to keep magazines and other similar items under control. When you bring one in, you must throw one out.

Closet organization:

  • Use jewelry trays to keep your smaller items organized
  • Hang a shower caddy in the bedroom closet to hold small items while hanging necklaces from the hooks below
  • Separate clothes by type and use clothes dividers to keep them separated
  • Color coded hanger snaps show at a glance what type of item it is
  • Use a bathroom towel rack to hang your scarves. They will hang nicely and be easy to pick out

Makeup, bathroom & laundry:

  • Use pocket shoe organizers for smaller items like hair accessories, makeup or hair products
  • Use magnetic organizers on inside of medicine cabinets to hang photos or other small items
  • For smaller spaces, choose a clothes valet to hang clothes to air dry or sort while doing laundry
  • Use a shower curtain liner with storage to save room & keep items handy
  • Use photo labels to show what’s stored in clear bins

Garage organization:

  • Use tackle boxes to separate small items like nails & screws
  • labels, labels, labels to keep things organized & visually appealing
  • Use small bungee cords to keep balls and loose items in place

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