Organizing your closets provides value whether you are staged to sell or staged to dwell.

Whether you are staged to sell or staged to dwell, organized closets can add value to any home. The Nest provides 9 closet makeover tricks that will keep your life simple – at least in the closet.

1. Divide and Conquerseparate his and hers with a little space.

2. Be Creative with Floor Space – Let organizational tools like baskets and separators help you keep it neat and tidy while adding a little form to that function.

3. Make Room for Boxeslarge containers are great storage, particularly for out of season or seldom used items.

4. Claim Your Space – I love how this video shows the aesthetic difference between his side of the closet and her side of the closet. Let your personality show a little and make sure you each have the space you need.

5. Shoe Solutions – There is never enough shoe storage! Several organizers are shown here. I love the clear shoe drawers personally.

6. Use Empty Wall Space – Maximize your space by adding expandable coat racks to hang items – like your purse collection. Not only is it handy, but allows you to see what’s there.

7. To Have & To Fold – It’s funny that my husband is about the least organized person out there but he really wants a shirt folder. Properly folded – everything – does make storage much more efficient.

8. Color Your Closet – This is the one thing I am religious about in my closet. I’m sure it was my work in retail stores as a teenager. Nothing will trick the eye to making your closet feel bigger than a color blocked closet. Remember ROY-G-BIV.

9. Eco-Organize – Don’t worry, not everything in your closet has to be harmful to the environment. There are plenty of green friendly organizational solutions.

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