MRRE Online Staging Consultation Tool Now Works for Vacant Homes Too!

Market Ready Real Estate‘s online home staging consultation tool has been a great help to many of today’s professional stagers.  This tool allows stagers to create professional reports in minutes with checklists and drop down boxes.  The best part is that the reports don’t feel or look like it.  They appear (and actually are) fully customized to the home seller and their specific needs.

Last week, MRRE improved it’s already incredible consultation tool by adding vacant rooms in the drop downs as well.  This means that home stagers can take their program to empty homes and begin to create the list of needed artwork, rugs and inventory.

Because photos can be added of each room, it means that you can easily remember specifically the needs when you sit at your inventory program, like, and begin pulling and taging inventory.  Everyone on your team will have access to dimensions, photos and furniture needs.

Thanks to the process at Market Ready Real Estate, home staging checklists are no longer cookie cutter.  Because the final report only lists the items selected, each report is exactly what you want and nothing you don’t!

To learn more about Market Ready Real Estate’s new vacant staging checklist system, visit their blog.



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