Light bulb conversion chart – how to replace that 60W bulb

Wondering what to do when that 60 watt bulb is phased out? Here’s a good infographic that explains the difference between types of bulbs.

Not accounting for cost of wattage, the average annual price of all of the alternatives are pretty similar.

  • CFL bulb costs $1.11/yr
  • Halogen/CFL Hybrid costs $1.49/yr
  • LED A19 costs $1.11/yr
lightbulb conversion chart

These are all in stark contrast to the 60W bulb that costs $3.61/yr plus uses nearly 3 times the wattage to run. Now the question is, how much money do you want to spend initially and how often do you want to change the bulbs out?

Thank you Pagasus Lighting for this wonderful information.

Melissa Marro

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  1. Hai-aun ONG says

    Dear sir, I bough a halogen ceiling light. It has 4 halogen bulbs of 20W 12V each. I replaced it with 4 LED bulbs of 3W but is not working. However, if I replaced with only 3 LED 3W and one halogen bulb, it works. I know I need to add in a resistant in series in order for 4 LED builds to work. But how to calculate this resistant ? Thanks for your help.


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