Lifestyle Home Staging: First Time Home Buyers

Lifestyle home staging. Have you heard the term? If not, then it’s about time you do. It’s the new wave of our industry. It’s not enough to just make a home look pretty, to show off size and scale, now we need to know who our home buyer will likely be and specifically create rooms that appeal to them.

In this infographic by Coldwell Banker, we examine the habits of first time home buyers.

Now, what information can you glean from this that will help you in your home staging business?

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  1. Dan Eason says

    Love the statistics. This is so important to know for home sellers who want to target buyers appropriately. All you sellers with a home likely to attract first-time buyers — Good Realtors and stagers will understand these and market your house accordingly.

  2. says

    Noticing the age range of the majority of first home buyers — it is critical in HOW a home should be prepared for sale — appealing carefully to this demographic’s dreams and aspirations . . .

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