Inman News Rates Professional Home Staging as #1 Tip for Receiving Multiple Offers

In an article release this week by Tara-Nicholle Nelson, columnist for Inman News, home staging was cited as the #1 tip for receiving multiple offers when selling your home.

1. Pristine and staged. The homes that I’ve seen get multiple offers in my own market recently are immaculately clean — not a whiff of anything within noseshot, so to speak — and dressed to the nines. Their photos look like something out of a home decor catalog or design magazine — like no one lives there, even if someone does. Their owners have often spent months in advance cleaning, decluttering, organizing, primping and otherwise sprucing their homes for sale with the intention of blowing the competition out of the water.

I won’t purport to capture the art of staging in a sentence, but prepacking is a good visual to hold in mind as you prepare your home. (And anecdotally, I will say that it strikes me that a large proportion of multiple-offer homes have actually been professionally staged. I’d urge a seller who wants multiple offers to explore whether there’s some level of staging service or even staging advice that is worth the investment, before dismissing it as too expensive out of hand.)

That’s right, not only should the home be staged, but at a minimum, sellers should have a home staging consultation with a professional.

And while Tara-Nicholle isn’t comfortable stating what staging is in a sentence, I am. (Well, OK, two sentences….)

Home Staging helps to control a buyer’s eye, with careful placement of furniture, art & accessories, so as to minimize the flaws of a home while enhancing the positive aspects. We help any home, regardless of age or occupancy status look and feel like a model home so that buyers will emotionally connect with it, increasing the odds of a quick sale at the highest possible price.”

Want to know the rest of the 4 Insider Tips for Getting Multiple Offers are? Read the article.

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