Increase the Value of your Home Immediately

With the housing market slowing somewhat, home owners may be reconsidering whether to sell or if already on the market may be thinking about reducing the price to encourage more buyer interest.

Kym Tarr of Prep This House says ‘If you prepare your property well before you put it on the market you will greatly improve the chances of achieving the asking price. If already on the market your home could benefit from a staging makeover, which could turn the next viewing into a sale by creating that all important positive first impression!’

If you’re skeptical about the benefits of Home Staging or doubt that it will make any difference in selling your home, put yourself in the place of a home buyer.

Have you ever toured through a development of show homes? The paint is fresh, Mirrors are sparkling, towels are crisp, and there are no toys on the floor. The rooms look spacious and the furniture comfortable.  The home smells fresh, and clutter is not to be seen.

Now leave the development of show homes and go down the street where the homes are several years old. Children’s toys are in the family room. Boxes are stacked in the garage. Clothes fill the bedroom closets. The house isn’t dirty, but there are dishes in the kitchen sink and toothpaste stuck on the bathroom vanity.

With all other things being equal, which house would be more appealing to you?

Most buyers make a decision on whether the house is for them within the first few minutes and you don’t have long to make those first impressions count!  Buyers only know what they see, not the way it’s going to be!

Home Staging is the art of setting the scene in the house, using various steps to show off the best features of the property.  Where a house is already on the market but has not sold, Real Estate Home Staging can make all the difference.

Staging is a cost-efficient way for homeowners or realtors to get a home looking good, and showing well, in a short period of time.


Kym Tarr

About Kym Tarr

Kym a native of Great Britain (only without the accent) possesses a realistic and practical approach to helping sellers prepare their home for sale. Her philosophy for Home Staging is quite simple; to reinvent space for her clients by mixing styles, textures and finishes that help maximize the selling price of their homes. Incorporating either existing pieces or new additions, she is an expert at transforming everyday houses into eye catching, polished homes that capture the hearts of potential buyers! Kym is a syndicated columnist. Many of her articles on Home Décor or Home Staging have also been published locally in Okanagan Woman Magazine and Madeline Magazine. She is both an Interior Decorator & Professional Real Estate Stager as well as an Instructor & Mentor for SAR Staging & Redesign Training.

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