Home Stagers – Looking for your sign?

Aries : You are superior to none when it comes to making appointments, blogging, chatting with agents, and getting that foot in the door. You are a natural promoter, and have no problems passing out your cards like you ordered a million of them. You give off an excellent first impression, but sometimes you tend to lollygag a bit on deadlines. Your phone rings off the hook, but somehow, a lot of your leads don’t pan out the way you expect. The craziest things always seem to happen to you. Your always very concerned about the end-result of the photography and address the exterior staging.

Taurus: You adore the act of transforming homes into showplaces. The process itself thrills you to no end, and you can’t wait to see each item in it’s place. Constantly rearranging until each decorative object has been switched around from room to room many times, right up until the last second of final reveal is a common tendency. You find inspiration in your dreams and often come off as not being confident in your decisions. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you are absolutely confident in yourself and you know when something DOESN’T belong before you find out what DOES belong. You love staging ANY room you can get your hands on.

Gemini: You can talk staging all day long, no matter who is or is not around. Theory fascinates you, and your favorite thing is watching/viewing other stagers work to find out how they tick. You read all the books there are, and still, the art of staging never fails to fascinate you. You tend to have a tough time with choosing and buying accessories, and shopping for them always sounds like a great idea, but you end up frustrated and tense. You love staging offices and craft rooms. You are always seeking “the purpose.”

Cancer: You tend to really love to lifestyle accessorize, especially with faux foods, throws, and cozy things like tea cups and coffee beans. To you, it’s all about extreme sensory comfort and pampering. You love staging the dining rooms and kitchens the best. You tend to linger long after the staging is done, and wonder from room to room and feel the vibe of the property, and are always shocked at your own skills and abilities. You know you are good, but you are taken back by how good you really are.

Leo: Your thing is lighting and mirrors, and you never feel there are enough of either. You like the bling effect, and find it a little hard to tone down your personal taste. You tend to feel your colors are louder or more intense than they should be. You have strong tastes and feel they need to be reigned in for the average bear to appreciate you. In reality, your gutsy color schemes and dramatic touches are the envy of many of your peers.

Virgo: It isn’t clean until every inch of the house looks like it was just built yesterday. You fret over every thing and would iron the paper towels if you thought you could get away with it. You shoot and re-shoot your pics dozens of times, and comb them for flaws. It has to truly pass muster, and smell like the clouds of Heaven. You back out of the house on your way out, shut the door, then open it one more time and stick your head in just to be sure. KItchens and Guest Bedrooms are your favorites.

Libra: Shiny things, velvety things, and color subtlety are high priorities. You’d stage houses even if you had to pay the client to do it. Staging is your drug of choice, and you need it bad. When business is slow, you feel anxious and twitchy. You are all about the living room/shared areas. Always on the lookout for the newest look, you are a true decor and function aficionado and would gladly follow your favorite designers off a cliff. It’s in your blood, and you will never give it up. Ever.

Scorpio: Your favorite room to stage is the Master bedroom and bathroom, and spa-like doesn’t cut it enough for you. It has to be romantically charged. In fact, you like the whole house to feel just plain sexy. You prefer staging high-end homes and usually are not to excited about giving advice on the exterior. Exotic stone, extremely fine cabinetry, and exquisite hardware and fixtures are your calling card when you get the chance to choose them. You feel a rush of power just touching these types of materials, and you touch them a lot!

Sagittarius: No staging client is too far away for you to turn down an appointment. Delivering great service is very important to you and you have no problem going the extra mile. You tend to prefer a transitional, rather eclectic look. You are very versatile and can almost always find some way of weaving the client’s own belongings into the scene. Repeat clients are not a problem for you to cultivate. You prefer an earthy approach and are drawn to incorporate a little bit of the exotic in your work.

Capricorn: Your greatest strength is organization and keeping everything and everyone on a tight schedule You are a natural born project manager. You really feel the pressure when you are behind. You have a fresh way with traditional furnishings and you actually prefer to shy away from high-end/big budget stagings. You are all to happy and quite satisfied to do your thing on a mid-priced tract house than anything else. You prefer a challenge, and feel a fancy house with a high budget is too easy and therefore no fun at all. Your favorite rooms to stage are dining rooms and eat-in kitchens, as you are always hoping to appeal to a family as a whole.

Aquarius: You love the big picture, and always are looking for new ways to enlarge it. Never satisfied, always seeking ways to improve the whole process, you are confounded by any resistance you encounter. You see all sides of the coin, and while you understand when someone doesn’t see it your way, you can’t help but think that is seems that people are a little bit stupid. You have a strong will on the job. You are very focused and your work tends to bowl your clients over, in a good way. You are impatient and hard to work with sometimes, but your resolute decisions and belief in your craft never fail to impress. Clients remember your words long after you have come and gone.

Pisces: You are routinely struck by the stories behind the house and the clients. You don’t stop staging until the room “feels” right more than looks right. you are often not thrilled with the scale or color of an item, but you get it anyway, and are shocked to find it is almost always the perfect item. Once you are done staging a house, it chokes you up a little bit. You find yourself bonding with the house as a person, like it is your patient and you are it’s doctor. Goodbyes are painful, as you really put your heart and soul into your work. You like to stage the patio areas, and the entry way the most.

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