Facebook or Blogging – Which is better for your home staging business?

So, you’ve got the new Facebook Timeline for Business page with it’s built in mini-website. Now you are wondering if you should waste all that time blogging. I mean, social media is where it’s at, right? Well, before you abandon your blog, let’s look at what Social Media Today had to say about this very subject (in their very cool infographic).

Top 10 Reasons that blogging is better than Facebook:

10. Stability – Right. You hate that they are forcing the new timeline on you, right? Now all that work  you did to add custom tabs and a welcome page was wasted. Guess what? That doesn’t happen when it is YOUR site!

9. Bigger Payoff – While you need social media, adding content to your site helps make you money, not Facebook.

8. SEO – Search Engine Optimization. In other words, blogging helps your keywords index and gets you found by google, bing and other search engines.

7. Long Shelf Life – on your blog you can categorize how your blogs are grouped and formatted. This means that they are more easily found and will stick around longer for readers.

6. Newsfeed(Ok, I’m just going to say I kind of disagree with this particular VS)

5. Content Hub – Facebook is about promoting your work & ideas. Your blog is where they are housed. Remember, if Facebook ever goes out of business (sure it doesn’t seem likely, but it could happen) or changes policies and you want to leave them, you don’t want to lose all of your content.

4. Offer more value – Because your blog can more easily be controlled and managed, it is easier to create value to your readers. It’s also easier to keep them aware of any specials you may be offering.

3. More Clicking – That’s right, you are more likely to get readers to click through to other pages on your blog than on Facebook. For instance, I linked a couple of other blogs about facebook timeline and social media at the top of this blog. At the bottom of it, I’m going to give you some other links. Maybe you’ll like what I’ve said here, or be curious about other titles and go read that too…

2. Reach Muliple Audiences – At the top of my blog you’ll see that you can share this with multiple other social media sites. You can’t tweet a facebook status – well, at least not yet.

1. CONTROL – I think this was actually addressed a lot throughout this top 10 list, but it’s true. You control your blog, not someone else. If you don’t like something, you have the power to change it – but not on Facebook.

and since I didn’t agree with #6, let me add my own… 

Pinterest – You can’t pin photos from Facebook. Pinterest is now one of the biggest social sharing and traffic generating sites on the internet & it’s not compatible with Facebook. Well, that’s not completely true, it’s just not reciprocal. You can share pinned photos on Facebook, but you can’t pin Facebook photos. If you don’t know how important that is, then you’ll just need to read my next blog!

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