Donna Dazzo on Selling NY. Take a look at her latest appearance.

SAR graduate, Donna Dazzo, makes another appearance on the hit show Selling NY. Making recommendations and helping prep this $6 million dollar residence for market is a typical part of the business.  Ironically, the comments, even in this price point home, are too.  One of the most difficult job of today’s home stager is still helping clients understand the importance of getting the home “move in ready” and appealing to the buyer, not the seller.

Ensuring that work is completed prior to sale helps buyers to feel good about their purchasing decisions.  Paring down personal items allows them to imagine themselves in the space rather than feeling that they are intruding on the current owner’s space.

See how this episode plays out and watch the expert way Donna handles herself in explaining to the sellers on what needs to be done, why and how it was all accomplished.

Visit Selling New York S4E10 to read more.

To learn more about Donna Dazzo, visit her website, Designed to Appeal.


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