How to create a photo collage in MS Paint in 2 minutes or less.

I’ve often said that Michelle Molinari is a curb appeal goddess. What I maybe should tack onto that is that she is also a photo genius. We all know her ability to manipulate rooms for her conceptual home staging and curb appeal concepts, but this little training video that she put together for SAR shows just how well she knows her way around the simple tools, that you already have on your PC.

Create a photo collage with MS Paint

Many of us have been frustrated or downright upset about Picnic closing next month, and while we are excited to have found a possible replacement through PicMonkey, most of us have grumbled over the fact that they don’t have the photo collage feature. {Insert Michelle’s genius here…} Watch the video and grumble no more. If you have Microsoft Paint on your computer (and if you have a PC, you probably do), you will now know how to make a photo collage in less than two minutes. Best of all… photo collage was an upgrade service on Picnik, you had to pay for it. We don’t know if that will be the case with PicMonkey. Either way… you don’t now.

Michelle Molinari is one of SAR’s Staging Instructors. You can take your hands on portion of the class from her in Louisiana. She is also available for mentoring sessions. Curb Appeal Confidence & Presentation Poise are two of SAR’s most popular courses both written & taught by Molinari.

And PS… We were asked what to do if you are a Mac user. Michelle located this handy tutorial for you using Paintbrush, also free.

“I checked out the tutorial on Paintbrush which is Mac compatible and also quite free, and it works pretty much identically. I do not have a mac, so I can only advise you so much. I do not see on the tutorial I saw as to whether you can add to the frame by clicking and dragging, as in my tutorial for MS Paint, If you can’t, no problem: One thing I have is a plain white image that I made and saved. My image is called “Paintblank” and it hangs out on my desktop. You can make one, too. Then, when you need to make a comparison, open that paintblank, and drop in your before and after images as they depict in this tutorial:”

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    Just to clarify, only some of the collages on Picnik were premium – I used it for collages all the time and didn’t pay… here’s hoping when Picmonkey adds them that they will have some for free too. BUT that being said, this is a great tool to use in the meantime!!! Thanks so much for it. Sharing it on Pinterest and Stumbleupon!

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