Getting work done on a deadline. Tips from best selling author Mark Montano.

Mark Montano has written eleven best selling books in the fashion, home decor and DIY categories.  What is Mark’s process for getting all 11 books done on time? We chat with him while he is in the midst of a fast approaching deadline on Book #12 – The Big Ass Book of Bling – due out in October!!


You can easily use these tips for your home staging or redesign business by following the same processes.  Be sure to clear your schedule and make time for your work.  Set up a priority and process list and stick to it.  It may not always be easy, but if you’ve got a tight timeline, these tips can save you.  The last thing you want to do is get down to the wire and not complete your task.

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I have been a high-end home stager for about 8 years in suburban NJ. Now, I write about real estate: home profiles for magazine, real estate copy blurb and blogs in the real estate space. I also serve a few local clients with social media marketing and website design.

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