Color: Your Brand, Your Branded Look Vs. Managing Your Stager Inventory Logically

Colors in your Stager InventoryThe most pinned Pin on my Pinterest board is the one about ‘How Colors Affect Purchases’, i.e. which color attracts which kinds of buyers. It got me thinking: does a stager have to know this? What do they do about their own color combination in their branding – should that not be incorporated into the staging somehow, as a signature look? I went to have the first of many upcoming chats on this topic with our own, Annie Pinsker-Brown.Annie Pinsker-Brown, Stager Training Diva

Annie says that most stagers tend toward a series of palettes that they use over and over again, because

  • we like those colors and think they work well in our markets, and
  • the obvious – that those are the colors we own inventory in and we use what we have
  • plus, our geography defines us to some extent.  A home near the beach would be best marketed with soft blues, turquoise, green and tan.

For this reason, Annie builds her inventory in color sets that work in her market for the types of homes that she stages.

She goes on to say, with some sadness, that

It is interesting because I have these great pieces of very modern abstract art that I just love, but I am never able to use them in my staging.  I don’t have a lot of other great items that would work with them (pillows, etc).   And, they’re too bold of a statement for most of the homes I stage.

Color in Your Stager Inventory

Annie tends to stage in 3 broad color bands:-

  1. Oranges (usually with blues)
  2. Blues (sometimes with brown, sometime with green, sometime with red)
  3. Greens (often with browns)

Another dramatic orange from Annie

Her blue-ish notes, though you need to look back at our last visit for her true blue pow!

Talk about blue grace notes ~ check out that pillow!!

More luscious neutrals with soft accents:-

Color in Staging

and a touch of red:-

So, when you’ve got an urban listing, targeted towards a professional couple do you opt for oranges and blacks?  Or do you deliberately give them a place to relax – using greens, to soothe and regroup – with some rich purples, all set against a dark, (or black) neutral to remind them they’re powerful, and that this house, no matter the list price, is a “luxury product”?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

You can spend a day, reveling in Annie Pinsker-Brown‘s glorious touch for color, when you take one of our workshop days in the Los Angeles area or during her vacant home staging course.

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