Annie’s Artful Condo Staging Story In Video

How do you tell your staging story? Do you use video to animate, not merely illustrate, your Before and After photos for future marketing efforts?

When I ran my staging business in NJ, I always used to use Real Estate Shows and got lovely little videos like this:-


Now friends of mine suggest Animoto. I dunno, what d’you think?

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

It’s nice, but to do anything really fabulous, I’d have to upgrade to some pretty expensive membership level. AND I’d have to edit the pictures to have text on them seperately.

So, researching other options, I discover Flixtime

I love the motion, but I’d have to edit the photos and the videos are only hosted at Flixtime. So, that doesn’t seem to be a viable option either. There are several layers of paid options, and perhaps each one would answer some of my concerns. Yet none are perfect.

Which software do you use to promote your staging business?

PS – Can I just say that Annie Pinsker-Brown’s staging sweet Santa Monica 1 BR condo flew off the market in just 13 days and sold for just $5K less than asking! She’s apparently known for her art collection. Built up over the years, Annie acquires art in color palettes, so that she has complimentary pieces. Much is original; all of the pieces are dramatic and effective. Don’t you just love how she turned around some disparate, far-too-big bits of the owner’s furniture and created a colorful haven? Annie is the West Coast stager trainer for the SARs program.

Juliet Johnson

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I have been a high-end home stager for about 8 years in suburban NJ. Now, I write about real estate: home profiles for magazine, real estate copy blurb and blogs in the real estate space. I also serve a few local clients with social media marketing and website design.

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