5 Core questions & 7 Forces that will help you succeed in business

I’m not trying to sell you on Tony Robbins, or his Business Mastery Course, but I will say that you need to watch this video if you are in business. Having a business strategy is vital, but he’s right, a 5 to 7 year strategy isn’t effective any longer.  You need to be nimble. Still, you must have a plan and you have to answer some deep but basic questions.

Five core questions to ask about your business:

  1. What business are you in? What business are you REALLY in?
  2. Why are you in this business? What’s going to be your exit strategy?
  3. Who are you in the business? (an artist, a skill producer, manager, leader)
  4. Who do you need? Who can you let go of? Who is your current client?
  5. Where are you in the life-cycle of your business or industry?

“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.” Peter Drucker, the father of business consulting.

Seven Forces that will change your business:

  1. Core Principles & Effective Business Maps
  2. Strategic Innovation
  3. World Class Strategic Marketing
  4. Sales Mastery Systems
  5. Optimization and Maximization
  6. Anticipation Power, Financial & Legal Analysis
  7. Create Raving Fan Customers

Now I know that the list above represent the class he is trying to sell, but think carefully on how it applies to your business.  All businesses have some fundamental similarities.  In your business, all of the five questions and the seven forces apply.  Are you ready to do what it takes to succeed?



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