30 Day Organize Your Life Challenge! Let’s get started… Labeling

I’ve always struggled with being organized. In the last year, downsizing and moving to another state, I’m finding that it is becoming more and more important. As the real estate trend shows families are ditching the McMansions and opting for smaller digs, finding a way to store everything is becoming more and more popular. Our culture isn’t a “do without” society, rather we have to find a way to make it all fit.

For the next 30 days we’ll be asking you to take 5 minutes out of your schedule, each day, and organize one small area of your life. It may be a junk drawer, a closet, your glove compartment or refrigerator.  Pick what is important to you. If, let’s say, your garage is your big problem area, don’t freak out and try to do it all at once. Instead, pick a single shelf that you can work on that day, or work on one pile for 5 minutes. At the end of the month you’ll be surprised what you accomplished.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Each day, we’ll also provide tips by organizational experts and show off some really cool organizational tools that may help you.

Today’s topic: Labels

Labels can be an effective way of keeping you organized. It’s much easier to put things away when you actually know where they go.

“Out of sight, out of mind’ is not just a cliché, It’s a hard truth. The moment you put something away you risk forgetting where you put it and then spending hours searching. Consider labeling those bins in the garages, the boxes in your closet, the freezer bags in your fridge, the bins of kid’s toys and even the canisters in your baking cupboard so that next time you need to find something fast, you’ll know exactly where it is. A simple label today can save you a serious headache tomorrow!” Peter Walsh, Organize.com 

Jen, at IheartOrganizing.blogspot.com, is also offering a whole selection of free printables. This will make organizing a snap! In her photo above, she used printed labels that were laminated. If you want to know about Jen’s favorite storage containers, be sure to visit her blog.

After having my craft room organized I found that labels were the secret to not only getting more out of storage that I already had, but knowing exactly where to put new toys products.

I used a simple tag, created using my Sizzix big shot, but you could use a store bought one. Binding rings hold the tags on the buckets.

A label maker will also make this task, quick, fun and easy. There are a lot of brands out there but look for one that will allow you to vary the size of font. This will allow you to more easily fit longer titles on your labels.

Product of the day:

Overdoor Wall & Magazine Organizer – As Seen on Extreme Clutter with Peter Walsh

This is perfect in many rooms of the home, but particularly bathrooms & home offices. only $16.49 

• 600 denier polyester construction
• Deep pocket on bottom with 5 sections inside
• Mid-sized middle pocket for books
• 2 smaller top pockets for accessories
• 3 chrome hooks for hanging storage
• Easy over the door installation
• Mounting hooks included
• Color: Black

Size: 32″tall x 14″wide

Ready to organize your life? Let us know how you are doing… what you’ve been working on and feel free to share photos with us on your projects! We would love to see them.

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