Stagers are all 1/4 cup of crazy, how about you? RESA 2011 funny photos

In January on Active Rain I asked quoted Matthew Finlson by saying, “We are all just 1/4 cup of crazy.” referring to some of the stagers in this industry (myself included). Now the RESA convention is upon us again and I wonder… Are you all ready to do it again? Here’s a recap of that post and the photos that I just love….to remember.

Did you have fun at the RESA Convention?  I know you did!!  Those of you who didn’t make it to RESA this year need a reason to make it next year.  I thought to add a little encouragement, those of us who went might want to add some photos of “what happened in Vegas”.

The quote, “We are all just 1/4 cup of crazy” is from Matthew Finlason in his keynote address.  I think it really is true…. if you aren’t quite sure… let’s just take a look at the photos that follow….

(I did not take any of these photos, but they are publicly posted)


They wanted to go to the ICE bar… everything is made of ICE.  Craig and I stayed back at the bar…. looks like we missed an interesting night.

Charlie’s Angels?

Team SAR

Texas girls gone wild?

A little morning joe?

Uh…. Ashley??

So…. what about you??

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