Barbara Katnich

“I am so grateful to have taken Matthew’s course in San Francisco! Matthew’s dynamic personality and winning way of presenting new concepts and techniques were fabulous to say the least. There is no question in my mind that by utilizing all of his suggestions, my business will jump into the next level. The unique thing about these new techniques, is that they can be applied to any market with any level of price point on homes. Lifestyle Merchandising is what needs to happen in this business and we as Stagers need to take more responsibility for raising the bar on the level of service we provide to our clients – both the agents and sellers. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that has been in the business a while but needs that boost to kick things up a notch! Matthew’s energy and dedication to his belief made this course! It’s not ‘business as usual’ – things are changing and if you don’t grab this opportunity to shine, you’ll be left behind.”Barbara Katnich, Fresh Approach
Kelowna, Canada

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